Replicating MySQL to Amazon Redshift

Redstream provides simple, low-latency replication of MySQL to Redshift.
Simply, launch a Redstream EC2 instance and within minutes your data is on its way!

Outgrown your MySQL storage, Redstream can help!
Looking to consolidate your databases or move Business Intelligence off of your production database, Redstream can help!

After the simplest setup in the industry, Redstream will analyze your database and create a custom replication profile.
Using the replication profile, Redstream processes DDL and DML changes with zero interaction and zero footprint.

Redstream is the perfect addition to your AWS cloud.
You'll forget its there, as it keeps your RDS MySQL synced with Amazon Redshift.

Redstream will be available in the AWS Marketplace, Summer 2015.
Additional data sources to follow. Contact us to expedite the release of a specific connector.