Focus on Your Games

Syrrax is here to help you focus on what matters most to you: making games! We aim to take all of the distractions off your plate. We will handle all your repository, build, and deployment management needs. Feel free to ask us for other services. We're here to help!

Excellence Without Exception

With our services, you get direct access to a professional to help you with any of your needs!
When you sign up with Syrrax, you get unlimited repositories to store your assets, code and builds. No more worrying about availability, uptime, or backups. We can set up your repositories, configure hooks, and train you how to use them effectively.
Whether you're starting out from scratch, or you have a game that is years in development, we are happy to manage your build system for you. We can help you to set up continuous builds, and manage or remove complexities from your pipeline so you can focus on your game.
Whether you need to send your build to a couple of testers, a couple thousand testers or millions of gamers, we're here to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We can help you to generate the formats for your game that are required by the different app markets.